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Everyone wants to look good and therefore we try each and everything that can help in improving our personality and looks. Our hair forms an important aspect of our personality and hence we need to take good care of it. Proper hair care is important otherwise our hair may lose all the natural shine and thickness. Hair products especially shampoos should be chosen with great care and full attention.

Most people believe that the shampoo that produces a lot of lather is the best shampoo. However contrary to this popular belief, shampoos that produce so much lather are not suitable for the hair at all. The lathering is on account of the presence of SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) which is a cleansing agent. It is not good for the hair and can cause serious damage to it. The main reasons as for why SLS is used in shampoos is due to the fact that it comes cheap and is easily available. It is the presence of SLS that causes excessive foaming.

If you really want to have a healthy mass of hair then you should use a sulphate free shampoo for washing your hair. Such a shampoo does not contain harmful chemicals that cause damage to the hair. It keeps the hair healthy and strong. A shampoo free of sulphates is a mild shampoo which does not wash away the natural oils already present in our hair. All herbal shampoos are mild and free of all kinds of sulphates and other harmful chemicals.

You can easily switch to a sulphate free shampoo whenever you want because such shampoos are available in every store now a days. Your hair may feel dry after the initial wash when you switch from a sulphate shampoo but will improve gradually. There are a few things that you should keep in mind when you choose a shampoo. You should know that everyone has different kind of hair so the shampoo that suits your friend might not suit your hair type. Therefore it is important that you should know your hair type before you choose a shampoo.There are a number of shampoos that are available for different types of hair.

While buying a shampoo, you should go through the ingredient list that is given on the pack and make sure that it is a sulphate free shampoo. Also, before going steady with a particular shampoo, you should try it for a few days. After seeing its effect on your hair, you should take your decision regarding continuing with it or not. A little attention while choosing a suitable shampoo can result in a shining and healthy mass of hair which in turn would help in improving your personality by enhancing your looks.

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