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Men, like women, put great value on their hair. Why? This is because sporting gorgeous-looking locks can add depth and flair to their social image.

That being said, if you've noticed that your hair is thinning out, and you're not ready to rock the bald look, then you need to do something about it.


One thing you can do is to sport a haircut which can camouflage your balding condition. So, if you are ready for a different look, style your hair using these fashionable haircuts.

1. BUZZ CUT (Wiffle Cut and Crew Cut)

  • Celebrity Look Book: Hollywood's leading action stars such as Kevin Costner, Jason Statham, and Channing Tatum have been sporting this haircut.
  • How It's Done: This hairstyle is performed cutting the hair very short using an electric razor or a hair clipper without a comb guard.

Buzz cut is a unisex hairstyle which makes the face appear more defined. It also minimizes the appearance of hair loss or baldness by de-emphasizing the widow's peak or the receding hairline in the centre of the forehead, and the balding area on the back of the head.


  • Celebrity Look Book: Punk rock artists like Joel Madden, lead singer of the band Good Charlotte, and Green Day's drummer, Franklin Edwin Wright II, have been spotted sporting this do.
  • How It's Done: This hairstyle is performed by cutting the sides of the hair shorter while leaving a band of longer hair in the middle.

Faux Hawk is a very fashionable way to cover up a receding hairline or hair loss around the temples. This haircut is a less dramatic version of the conventional punk rock Mohawk.


  • Celebrity Look Book: Influential figures like Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, and George Clooney, a renowned actor and political activist, have been sporting this look.
  • How It's Done: The hair is cut in a short horizontal straight cut fringe.

As the name implies, the Caesar Cut is inspired by the Roman emperor Julius Caesar. This haircut helps hide a receding hairline located on top of the head.

The aforementioned hair-loss-hiding haircuts may do well in concealing the balding areas of the scalp, but it would not be enough to settle with camouflaging hair loss. It is best that a hair loss product be taken advantage of to prevent having a bigger area of baldness to conceal.

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