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What are the most basic methods of hair care? You think you know how to wash and comb your precious hair, but it is not always the right way, despite the fact that you might use those methods for a long time. Here is the guide for the basic hair care that may prevent dandruff, hair loss and other hair problems.

1. Too much washing is bad for you


You might have to wash your hair every day when you felt they became oily or dirty, but it's a common mistake. Hair needs the natural oils and other substances to stay healthy and washing them constantly with chemicals only weakens them.

2. Choose your shampoo carefully

Not every shampoo is the same and you probably know that. But do you really read the ingredients on your favorite shampoo? It's best to find the balance between “all natural” (as it doesn't wash your hair perfectly in some cases) and “chemical” (as some are good for you in small quantities). Beware of strong detergents. And, when in doubt, try baby shampoo – they are delicate and effective.

3. A comb is important!

A proper choice of a comb is one of the most important things you can do to take care of your hair. Most of the combs and hairbrushes available in normal stores are not perfect, especially if you have longer or curly hair. You should look for specialized hairbrushes for hairdressers or for popular tangle teezers.

4. Watch for your style!

Some hairstyles are more damaging to your hair than others. Especially braids, cornrows and other styles that are based on tangling your hair can cause hair loss, so watch out for that. Also, every style that needs a lot of hairsprays and heat to form and work might end up being the cause of your hair thinning.

5. Let it dry

I know it's sometimes hard to do when you're short on time, but it's better to leave your hair a little wet after shower. Use just the towel (with care, no scrubbing!). If you really must use the hairdryer, don't choose the hottest setting and keep it as far as possible from your hair.

6. Beware of the hats!

Hats of all shapes and sizes can cover your head and they have their purpose, but try to use them only when it is necessary and not as a fashion statement. Especially when it is a winter hat worn on a weather that does not demand it!

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