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What makes Bohemian hairstyles popular is that they suit to every face type and also they could be made with every hair type. One need not have a specific hair type to wear a ultra-feminine Bohemian look. This haircut would give your face the feminine glow that no other hairstyle could give. You should learn some popular Bohemian haircuts that you could make without any help.

This particular haircut has another advantage. It suits to women of all ages. There is hardly any hairdresser who is unaware about these specific hairstyles. You can ask your hairdresser to do your hair in Bohemian style or try yourself by reading about these hairstyles on blogs of professional hairdressers. You can also learn making these hairstyles by seeing the pictures of models wearing these haircuts.


Thick straight bangs are one of the most popular Bohemian hairstyles that women with good volume of hair could wear without any hassle. Teenagers and working women would like wispy bangs instead of straight. Or you could choose long side-swept bangs, if you feel comfortable in these bangs. Whether you wear straight bangs, side-swept or wispy bangs, you should feel comfortable in your haircut. Also the haircut should be easy to do so that you need not visit your hairdresser every time for making haircuts.

Seniors with grey hair and baby boomers, whose hair have started graying, could also wear bangs without any apprehension. This hairstyle is just perfect for every hair type including grey hair. Women with thick and coarse hair can also try hairstyle after conditioning their hair. In short, this haircut is a universal style that anyone irrespective of her age, hair type, body type and profession could wear.

The best part of Bohemian hairstyles is that they are low maintenance haircuts. Making these haircuts is quite easy as you don't need additional accessories like hair pins and bands to make these styles. A few haircuts could be called low maintenance styles and Bohemian is undoubtedly one of them. You need to be a professional hairstylist to style your hair in Bohemian style.

One of the quickest Bohemian hairstyles for long hair is making two lose braids on either sides and join them in the back. Or you can make a braided halo by wrapping the braid around your head. Choose any hairstyle but make sure that you do light makeup because heavy mascara could undermine your hairdo.

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