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It is not far from reality that the wedding day is the best day in a woman's life. All the preparations, thought, effort and money that goes into planning a wedding by a woman is quite reflective of her sentiments about this day. While walking down the aisle, every bride smiles with exuberance and glows with happiness.

But why is it so? Why does a bride's skin look so radiant on her wedding day? Let us look into the factors that give that sparkling glow to the bride's skin:



Most brides decide to go for at least 4-6 facials periodically planned before their wedding day to keep their skin looking young, fresh and healthy. Facials can help one to achieve a younger looking skin by exfoliating the layers of dead skin, exposing the new and fresh cells.

Watchful Diet and Plenty of Water

No one is oblivious to the fact that the food that is consumed has a direct affect on the freshness of skin. It is however difficult to avoid those tempting fries freshly coming out of the frying oil. Many brides muster up the courage to say no to all kinds of food that can potentially lead to having a zit on their faces.

Watchful diet with plenty of water is equivalent to giving your insides a facial (read detoxification). This is the ultimate secret behind the glowing skin of brides.

Skin Care

While most girls are quite careless about whether they remove their make-up after a party or not, most to-be brides become really particular about how they care for their skin.

Hair and Make-Up

The smartest of all brides know that it is essential to book a make-up artist that can do a job well-done with hair and makeup. So in case if something goes wrong, like dark circles around the eyes due to the lack of sleep or a zit popping out because of nervousness, they know that their makeup artist will come to their rescue.

She Looks Happy Because She is Happy

And above all, when she is gleaming with happiness inside, she looks radiant on the outside. Having found the love of her life, a bride is the happiest person at that moment.

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