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The human hair like any other part of the human body is extremely susceptible to damage, wear and tear. However, it certainly does not develop lesions, cuts, bruises and gashes, or for that matter infections (of course, there are many who will certainly disagree). Hair when afflicted by Dandruff gets covered in a white substance resembling a flake. Further, the development of Dandruff also leads to hair loss.

Although, there is a large number of shampoos and conditioners that claim to be efficient removers of dandruff, none of them can guarantee as to the results. One may recall experiencing this fact upon using a highly advertised product with loads of expectations but getting disappointed in the process.


It's quite obvious to desire the best-possible state of one's hair. After all, a glossy mane adds to the beauty of one's persona. Therefore, human beings always look for the best solutions, methods, practices that they can come across and use for making their diadems into works of art. Although, commercial solutions are quite promising but they do tend to have a large number of side effects.

However, the scourge of side effects is completely absent as far as herbal products are concerned. The company Salveo Life Sciences is one of the most thought-rendering enterprises to have existed till date. The way in which is gathers its products is simply amazing. Further, the attention that it invests in the quality checking of these products is equally amazing. In fact, a large number of quality checks are in place at the house of Salveo Life Sciences.

Hair fall due to Dandruff is a persistent problem among people these days as compared to earlier. The borderline reason is the increase in pollution levels. All three types of pollution – land, sea and air are rising and doing so at a pace that can be best-described as horrifying.

Further, these increased pollution levels are spewing forth trouble in terms of a large number of respiratory diseases and other health problems like the occurrence of dandruff in the hair.

The world today is witnessing passionate endeavors of a large number of companies who are firmly and grimly pursuing each and every avenue of activity concerning either with the nullification of these pollution levels or with the formulation of solutions for the corresponding discomforts.

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