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While there are a lot shampoos that claim to eliminate dandruff from the root level, the fact seems to be far from truth. In fact, studies have reported that dandruff is a condition that cannot be done away with completely as there are various factors associated with developing dandruff. These factors are everyday problems one faces plus a new modern syndrome we call as “healthy lifestyle deficiency” or HLD.

HLD includes the methods we adapt to live a modern life, overlooking the disadvantages it has to offer. For instance, living in an air-conditioned room for the whole day is a deterrent to your health as stepping out may expose you to temperature change that your body might not be able to cope with.


Such a lifestyle also has a detrimental effect on your hair and could make it dry and weary. This could lead to formation of dandruff flakes. Also, diet also has an impact on not only your health but hair also because after all, hair too absorbs nutrition from beneath the scalp via hair roots. Therefore the presence of essential nutrients would depend on the food we have as our daily diet.

Another factor that incites dandruff is genetic inheritance of dandruff. Not many people would know this but dandruff can also be passed on from generation to generation as studies have recently proven.

One of the everyday factors that affect hair health is pollution. Pollution also plays an active role in impeding the overall growth of hair as pollutants clog the pores of scalp leading to obstruction of natural oil release that is let out by the scalp. Prevention of release of the oil leads to flake formation.

However, living in this world would necessarily require you to step out, but of course, not with unhealthy hair that shows itself and may affect your image. Therefore, it is preferable to take measures that give your hair the protection and give the essential nutrition by the help of an anti dandruff shampoo.

With so many options to choose from, you ought to be clear about the type of anti dandruff shampoo that would suit your hair and scalp.

Make sure you read the ingredients of the shampoo you are picking up at the store as a shampoo that gives results for a friend may not give the same result on your hair. For instance, if your scalp is sensitive to active ingredients, you should avoid using shampoo that contains such ingredients as that may work wonders on the one that referred you the product but can aggravate your condition. Prefer using natural anti dandruff shampoos instead of chemical shampoos if you have sensitive skin.

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