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Bobs are all the rage this year. They're on the catwalk, on the red carpet, and even just on your sidewalk. Gone is the chin length, straight boring bob that your parents insisted you had when you were at school. Bobs now can be anything, from choppy to poker straight, bangs or no bangs, short or long. You name it, a celebrity has worn it and rocked it. If you're thinking of opting for the hottest hairstyle around, take some inspiration from the stars.

If you want to own the tousled, short and 'just came back from my villa in the Maldives' look, you want a Rachel McAdams or Emilia Clarke style bob. Rachel McAdams has ditched her traditional brunette locks and gone for a sunkissed blonde with dark roots. The look is textured and cute, achieved with plenty of texturising products, hairspray, and maybe even a curling tong here and there.


If your hair is curly, that doesn't mean you can't go for a bob. Ages ago, it would have been unusual, but the celebrities aren't scared of going for more movement this year. Kate Hudson is a prime example, and looks gorgeous with her curly, bouncy blonde bob. Just remember to cut it with plenty of 'shrink' space in mind and opt for a mid-length style. If your hair is very curly, a bob cut just above your shoulders will very quickly reach your chin when dry, so factor it in! Kerry Washington is no slouch in the curly bob department too, and we love the uncomplicated but wildly sexy curly bob she's been seen out and about with.

Maybe sleek, smooth and elegant is more your style? Seems you're with a pretty stylish crowd. Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Katie Holmes are all fans too. This is only really achievable if you have naturally straight hair, or are willing to spend a lot of time with hair straighteners in the morning and avoid any kind of rain, humidity or sweat. If you do have poker straight hair though, this is bang on trend for 2016 and is easy to maintain.

And if you're not quite ready to commit to a short bob? Just go for a longer length bob, like Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence. You get the style points and the ease of maintenance but still get to keep the versatility of slightly longer hair, plus the ability to tie it up! This look is particularly good with slightly wavy, choppy hair, so ask for lots of layers.

The best thing about the bob? It's so customisable. For any of the styles above, you could channel Zooey Deschanel and Katie Holmes and go with blunt bangs, rock no bangs at all like Rihanna, or go for longer, side swept ones. Anything goes, so pick whatever suits your face and your lifestyle the best, and you'll still be worthy of style icon status in 2016!

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