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For various reasons that people buy wigs, people need to get first knowledge about them or you will waste lots of money to have attempts. To save your time, here I'd like to share with you the two different material-made wigs. They are Yaki Wigs, synthetic wigs, natural wigs. And if you want to buy full lace wigs, you could come to EvaWigs.

If you ask which group of people buy wigs often, there are a lot of answers would be African American women who have gene blemishes. And among those women, the Yaki wigs are the favorable one, and largely used on African American women. It is a hair texture which is made to look and feel like African American that has been processed by relaxers. It is known to nearly all that black people's hair are hard, coarse. Here Yaki wig could be made by synthetic or human hair, but it is the processing to create specific texture that make these wigs unique. And they could be classified into four groups.


The first one is silky Yaki, other call it Straight Yaki wig which is the lightest kind in the groups. The feature is flat ironed straight and relaxed. Looking at the wig in near distance, you would see the ripples in the texture. Just like the real African American hair would look supposing it had been conditioned and straightened. Another type, not so straight, smooth or silky as the straight one is the regular Yaki which could be the most hot type. You can also call it yaki or relaxed yaki. They are created to look like African American hair that has been relaxed, but usually they still remains coarse after being relaxed.

The coarse yaki is designed to look like the natural course, kinky hair owned by African Americans, which has not been through any processing. And the curly coarse yaki wig is your another option. The last one is the kinky yaki which features thick and kinky in nature. It is just like black hair which has been blow dried straight but not straightened or relaxed.

All right, all the above are yaki wigs. Since it can made by synthetic and human hair. Let's take a close look at both of them. Let's starting from the synthetic wigs. This type is usually cheaper compared with the human hair wig. And it can be made in all styles, colors and textures. Many manufacturers want to cut down their product cost, they would choose this type to produce. They are easier to style, but you cannot restyle them through any sort of heated hair appliance. Otherwise, you would destroy them beyond repair, the melting would be common seen. You see, this is the synthetic fibers big issue to make wigs. However, another big characteristic is that it is sleeker than the African American. If you prefer such feature, you could buy this type.

The third type here is natural wig which could be made of a variety of hairs. Most sellers would say their wigs are made of human hair. But it could be adulterated by horsehair, wool, even buffalo hair. Unless you find some shop selling 100% human hair wigs which is the best quality on the market. Even they are not made by all human hair, they cost more than the above types. Finding the purely human hair made wigs will assure you a long lifetime and enable you to restyle your hairstyle. You can dye, heat, straighten your the wig. Meanwhile good care is needed.

If you want to find affordable 100 percent human hair made wigs, go for which is also a custom online shop. I bet most of you want to have a say in the customization process. For more detailed about wigs, keep tuned!

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