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Straightening you hair frequently can be very damaging if you are not careful. As you may know too much heat will weaken the hair and it will cause it to break and split. That is why it is important that you use products and techniques that will help you to protect your hair and style it with that sexy straight look.

Deep Conditioning


One factor that may women over look is deep conditioning. Even if you do not use a lot of heat on your hair it is a good idea to do a deep conditioning treatment to ensure that your hair is well nourished, moisturized, and shiny. If your hair is malnourished or dehydrated before you flatiron your hair your hair will definitely be likely to break and be a dull frizzy mess.

Natural Products

You may have heard about the buzz about sulfates that are found in a lot of popular name brand shampoos. I did some research and found out that sulfates actually cause damage to the root of the hair when it is used over an extended period of time. When I heard people get fanatical about natural products I did not understand the big deal until I found out the damage that the chemicals can cause. This damage is not noticeable at first but the hair is definitely effected for the worse over time.

Quality Flatirons

I know so many women who try to save money by buying a cheap $20 flatiron. You are doing yourself a disservice. The main reason is because these flatirons are made out of cheap material and you will have to replace it 3 times over when you could have saved that money and you could have purchased a quality flatiron. Also, a lot of the premium flatirons like the Paul Mitchell straightener or the FHI can give you great results and the metal that is used will not damage the hair. Some of the cheap flatirons will literally scorch and burn your hair. Word of advice, do not be cheap with your hair.

Overall Health

Also remember that you have to nourish your hair from the inside out. Your hair and nails are the last parts of the body that will receive nutrients. That is why you need to drink plenty of water and get plenty of vitamins and minerals to ensure you get what you need to make your hair healthy. So when you are ready to straighten it out with a flatiron you will not be disappointed.

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