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Men unfortunately have their hormonal system designed in such a way that they are fated to deal with dense locks growing all over their body. It is therefore quite easy to see that the market is flooded with products offering both temporary and permanent hair removal for men.

Here are some of the methods which can help you to say adieu to your hairs and their pros and cons in brief:


1] Shaving: Perhaps the most accessible method, one that can be performed at any time of the hour without much hassle. Besides, it is cheap too. But when we talk about their demerits, it would be suffice to say that shaving works well in the long run only as long as it is your face that is on the line of the razor. Any other body part, when shaved, grows back hair that looks thicker and spikier. Plus, the growth rate increases instead of slowing down.

2] Laser: With the aid of the best laser hair removal machine, it is possible to seek permanent riddance from unwanted hairs. It is certainly more expensive than shaving. And though it used to be strictly no-no for many people earlier, now with introduction of high-tech products like IPL hair removal for men, it is getting easier and easier to tackle the black devils from the comforts of your home. There's no major demerit with a good product though the inferior laser products may not be fully safe. So, it is crucial for a buyer to take into account all safety norms and check the product for certification before pressing the buy button.

3] Hair removal cream: Hair removal creams have also inundated the market in the past decade, with many of them claiming to be comforting and friendly. Though they too are relatively inexpensive and not too difficult to apply, they do cause burning sensation at times and may not go down well with a sensitive skin. Also, they just remove surface hair and so do not offer permanent solution to this menace. Some men are also wary of chemical products which can often be toxic. So, the popularity of such creams is plummeting day by day.

4] Intense Pulse Light treatment: It becomes pertinent to discuss IPL separately since it addresses the chief problems of hairy men without being unsafe or temporary. Viss IPL laser hair removal system does ensure that their hairs get blurred and eventually disappear completely after a couple of sessions. The product is also scientifically acknowledged as a safe one. It is easily available on the internet and can be used by a layman by following simple instructions. There is no need to take any external manual help. Though not totally a laser method, it is similar to laser treatment with a marginal difference.

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