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Hair coloring is a very popular process, particularly among females. Your hair can be dyed in many different colors from your typical natural shades such as blonde, brunette, black and red, to your more abstract colors such as green, blue and purple. There are many questions that people ask before dying their hair so here are 5 most frequently talked about hair dye queries.

1. Coloring shouldn't make your locks fall out.


If you color your locks with roughly the same dye each time and only color it once every couple of months then there's no reason why you hair will fall out. As long as you keep it in good condition then you have nothing to worry about. The time you should start considering not coloring is if you keep changing from blonde to brown or if you use a large amount of peroxide to strip out color. This will make your hair very weak and damaged so just keep with the 1 color that you're happy with.

2. Permanent or semi-permanent?

In the long term permanent colour is better if you want to carry on with the same colour. Although it contains more peroxide and ammonia if you apply it properly, your hair will end up being healthier than if you were to keep putting on a semi-permanent colour. The way you should apply permanent colour in order to keep your hair at its healthiest is if you always apply the colour to your roots first and only briefly overlap previously coloured hair.

3. Can you still dye hair if you're pregnant?

There is currently no research that shows that coloring can cause risks during pregnancy.

4. What is the best colour to go?

Technically you can go any colour that you wish but some may be more challenging than others. For example if you have darker color and wish to go blonde then it takes a lot of bleach to make it blonde which can be damaging. It's always a lot easier going from light to dark so you always need to take that into consideration. Red is a color that is very hard to fully get out of hair, although you can dye over it, it's still difficult to get rid of.

5. Can bleaching damage my hair?

Many people get theirs bleached but it isn't 100% safe. Bleaching your hair can cause your scalp to burn and can quite possibly lead to many complications which can cause various psychological problems. If this has happened to you then you can claim for compensation for hair dye damage.

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