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These days, people have to continually alter themselves to be able to fit into the different and fast walks of life. Consequently, pressures and responsibilities have mounted alike on them, which results in many people breaking down emotionally, physically, and mentally. In what is increasingly likened to being one of such resultant break downs, but one in terms of a capillary context, androgenic alopecia or male baldness, is understood as the next big adverse by-product of the chock-a-block lifestyle. However, with products like generic propecia at one's disposal, checking hair loss, or growing new and healthy hair isn't a distant dream after all.

Androgenic Alopecia (Male Baldness)


Commonly known as male baldness, androgenic alopecia is a disorder where a person regularly stands to lose an abnormal amount of hair present on the scalp. Up until recently, this syndrome could be mostly associated with males above 40 years of age, but in what seems like a paradigm shift, males below 40 years and so have also started to complain about this problem. The hair experts claim that genetic disposition and hormonal imbalances are the main culprits of this wrongdoing, however, a sect of hair pundits have asserted that the root of this condition lies somewhere else, and a bit deeper than the genetics of a person.


The chief technical or scientific cause behind alopecia is the abnormal surge in the levels of dihydrotestosterone in the body. DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, is understood as the most natural and probable causative of baldness because it is constantly being produced in the body of a male human. DHT is the result of testosterone converting itself into DHT, which means that a person is always exposed to this risk, as the male body is the biggest reservoir of testosterone. The rise in the level of this hormone of the body brings about an overall hormonal imbalance, which eventually leads to alopecia.

Besides this one reason, hair doctors have also identified some other plausible causes of baldness, such as: chronic illnesses, escalated levels of androgen (male sexual hormone), scalp infections, underlying chronic medical condition, thyroid ailments, nutritional disorders, excessive use of steroids, unhealthy lifestyle, adverse effects of certain medicines, etc.

Mechanism of propecia

Propecia contains finasteride as its main and active component. Finasteride is especially helpful to propecia because it is responsible for inhibiting the 5-alphareductase enzymes produced in the body during baldness. These enzymes are particularly notorious for converting testosterone into DHT, which is why eliminating these enzymes, or stalling their production becomes very important during alopecia. Once this is done, the body alters some of its certain chemical processes with the help of Generic propecia, and develops a base for healthy hair growth and re-growth; instead of hair thinning and hair fall.


  • The most recommended dose of this drug is 1mg per day for a person. However, you can get your dose amended by the doctor, if you feel that it's insufficient.
  • Please ingest this medicine nobly with water.
  • A regular dose of propecia for 4 – 6 months should be able to treat the problem, if this is not so, approach your doctor.
  • Please don't try to compensate for a missed dosage of this drug, as you could be victimized by one of its side effects.

Side effects

The side effects of this drug have been classified into common and serious. Common side effects occur commonly and are usually harmless. They fade away quickly with the passage of time. Some of the common side effects of propecia are: headache, giddiness, and stomach upset, etc.

Some side effects of this drug are of severe nature, and can cause some serious health complications in a person. Such reactions usually do require the guidance of a doctor. Some of these side effects include: drowsiness, breathlessness, skin rashes, male breasts and swelling of face, lips and tongue, loss of sexual drive, erectile dysfunction, etc.


Generic propecia shouldn't be consumed by people with whom the following conditions are associable:

  • Sensitivity to any medications
  • Ailments of kidney or liver, urinary infections, prostate troubles, sexual dysfunctions, etc.
  • Ongoing medical treatments
  • Intake of herbal or nutritional supplements

Hence, the above was a brief treatise on generic propecia, and its necessary details.

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