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As if there aren't enough beauty issues that women have to maintain – making sure there is no hair on their faces, their legs, etc. But what about the hair women want to grow – but can't?

We are all trying to be the best versions of ourselves – but some things about our appearance are simply out of our control. Some of us women and men are blessed with beautiful and lush eyelashes while others were not so genetically blessed. Although eyelashes follow the same growth cycle as the hair on our heads, the cycle is much shorter in time.


The active phase for eyelashes is very short, no more than about 30 to 45 days. This is very different from hair on the scalp, as the active phase can be as long as two to six years. This is the reason eyelashes don't grow very long as they are only active for a very short time span. The dormant phase for eyelashes and eyebrows is much longer than for hair on the scalp. This is why when you overpluck your eyebrows, it takes awhile before they grow back in. And if you overpluck too much, sometimes the hairs stop growing altogether over time. Basically, lost hairs aren't immediately replaced as they are with hair on the scalp, so it appears as if the eyebrows or eyelashes are not growing at all – but they are! It's just a very slow process.

Another interesting fact about hair growth is that not all follicles are in the same phase of growth on the human body. Some of the hairs might be in the resting phase while others are in the active phase. This makes human hair growth very random, as some hairs are growing while others are resting.

Many people experiencing loss of eyelashes or not enough growth are searching for options such as Latisse to fix their problems. Although there are some side effects of Latisse, they are rare and typically uncommon. Some are starting to use Latisse not on their eyelashes but on their eyebrows – and have reported seeing amazing results.

A patient of ours reported that he started using Latisse on his eyebrows after he noticed a small bald patch on his left eyebrow. He claims his eyebrows have been growing back much fuller and thicker and the bald patch has filled out completely. So, mostly hair growth is the same whether it's on our face or on our head – it's random but can also be reversed if you are losing hair as well.

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