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What causes acne and what are the options of treatment?

In simpler terms, Acne is nothing but a disorder of skin which involves the hair follicles and is manifested or expressed through the oil glands. Some experts have attributed this to the hormonal activity happens during the stages of puberty as it is also believed that testosterone levels can cause this disorder. But, there is no solid or clear cut evidence based study that proves this impression though going by the rational and logical conclusions, it can be attributed to the involvement of the hormonal activity especially if it occurs during puberty.

The possibility of acne formation is pretty much open till a person reaches early thirties and therefore the reason behind the acne formation can't be exclusively attributed to testosterone levels in the body. If the skin analysis is done, there are chances to figure out the onset of Acne, at least the susceptibility of the skin could be defined. This is a disorder with no geographical limitations which rules out the classification based on climatic conditions even though there are certain opinions expressed about the people from tropical climates are more susceptible for it. But, the nature of the disorder, symptoms and physical presentation would remain the same because of which there need not be any additional study about the geographical influence.

In certain dermatology centers, doctors might not identify Acne in its initial presentation and therefore there are several cases where general pimple treatment is recommended to tackle this specific skin disorder. However, there are several types of pimples that are classified based on their appearance, physical form or presentation and nature of substances like pus secreted from them. This example proves the need to have more emphasis on the diagnosis as contrary to a general impression, not all skin diseases are infections. For this very reason, there are new opinions being formed about the role of cosmetic clinics in the urban metros which have a specialized way of diagnosing, treating and managing every disorder in an exclusive manner. There are specialized branches of skin care and the present day advancements in dermatology and skin care mandates highly targeted and specialized treatment procedures. Specificity is the need of the hour and it could happen with a perfect diagnosis done at a perfect timing.

While hereditary is also considered to be one of the susceptible premises to cause Acne and other related skin disorders, psychological aspects of stress and anxiety also are known to increase the risk of its occurrence. In some cases pimples disappear after sometime and if the condition persists upon for more than a week, medical treatment is recommended. The recent studies have shown the relationship between Acne and similar disorders proportionally with the intake of food and dietary preferences. Fat rich dairy products are identified to cause these types of skin disorders when consumed in excess quantities.

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