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You've taken the leap, you've picked the colour and the deed is done. Your hair is no longer the dull shade that it was before, and those grey hairs that you noticed last week are no longer a concern. In fact, the only thing that you have to worry about now is how to maintain and take care of your newly dyed 'do.

While a new hair colour works wonders for your confidence, the hair dye itself isn't exactly gentle on your strands, causing them to dry out and weaken if not properly looked after. Also, if you don't take measures to maintain the colour, it will fade at a much faster rate. Therefore, as soon as your new 'do is in effect, you should adjust your hair care routine as follows.


Seal in the colour

As soon as your hair has been dyed and dried by yourself or a stylist, use a hair straightener to lock in the colour. The additional heat will help to lock the colour into the strands of hair.

Also, don't be too eager to wash your hair once it has been dyed. Wait for at least 48 hours before washing it so as to keep the colour vibrant. If you can wait even longer before washing your hair and wash it less often going forward, do so, as the more frequently you wash, the faster your colour will fade.

Change the way in which you wash

Your pre-dye hair care products probably won't be ideal for coloured hair and, as such, should be replaced with a colour protection shampoo and a moisturising conditioner. The shampoo will help to hold the colour for longer while the conditioner restores any moisture lost due to the harsh chemicals found in the dye.

When washing your hair, try doing so in colder water as this will help you to keep your colour for longer and won't strip your strands of the natural oils necessary to give your crowning glory its healthy shine.

Avoid direct sunlight and swimming pools

Sunlight acts as a natural bleach, so if you spend too much time outside with your newly dyed hair, you will notice the colour change and become a few shades lighter. Therefore, you shouldn't spend too much time outside and, if you do, always wear a hat.

The chlorine in swimming pools will also wreak havoc on hair dye, so try to avoid them if you can. Otherwise, wear a swimming cap at all times.

Re-do your dye monthly

If you love your new colour, you'll want to re-do it often to avoid any regrowth or fading. And if you take care of your hair, you shouldn't need to re-dye it too often.

Your locks are delicate, and therefore you should only dye it once a month at most (although every six weeks is a much safer bet). Any sooner than that and it will become dry and prone to breaking, splitting or tangling.

By following these top tips for dyed hair, you can keep your tresses healthy, vibrant and maintain the shade that you love for longer.

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