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Hair loss has become the common place problem nowadays for millions of people including men and women across the globe. In every nook and corner of the world baldness has become the severe problem.

To get rid from this severe monster that snatch the appealing look and self esteem, people go for various solutions like medications, laser therapy, non surgical and surgical treatment but people go for surgical treatment the most as it is the permanent solution for the hair loss problem.


Although hair transplant is popular even the narrow streets of all over the world but most of the people especially NRIs prefer to visit Punjab for this treatment. Hair transplant in Punjab is becoming popular all over the world due to many reasons as follows

Why Punjab is complete destination for hair transplant?

Punjab is becoming popular destination for NRI's for surgical hair restoration and the count for patients is increasing day by day in the hair clinics in Punjab. There are following reasons for the popularity of hair transplantation in this region

World best surgeons

In Punjab for transplantation surgeons are well qualified and the trained enough. Along with the academic degrees they have completed their trainings from the international standard institutes so surgeons in Punjab are specialized for hair restoration and can give best results.

International standard clinics

Hair clinics are of international standard in Punjab these clinics provide world best facilities and hygienic environment to the patients for their best and safe treatment. NRIs can enjoy the similar treatment in Punjab as they could enjoy in their home country. Clinics are certified and best for cosmetic surgeries and even known for their feasible results.

Advanced technologies

In Punjab surgeons are efficient enough in using the pioneered and world proven technologies for surgeries so that patients can have undetectable results. Technologies like Neo Graft, robotics systems are quite common in the clinics and these technologies can give better results to hair loss patients

Cost effective treatment

Although surgeons, clinics and technologies for hair transplant are of international standard still the cost of hair transplant in Punjab is combatively lesser than the other countries and states all over the world. Patients can enjoy the same quality of treatment in lesser price in Punjab.

This cost is les not due to quality sacrifice but due to less expense of clinics, lesser charges of surgeons and lesser charges of clinics. On an average basis cost of transplantation in Punjab is Rs 30 pe4r graft which is approximately 4 times lesser than the foreign countries however the quality of treatment is better than other regions this is the major reason for medical tourism in Punjab.

No language barrier

Although Punjabis have their mother tongue as Punjabi but still English is the second most spoken language in this region. In the hair centers surgeons and nurses communicate with the patients in English so the NRI s can communicate without any language barrier with the surgeons and experts for their problem.

World best results

Punjab is known for its best results of hair transplant. Surgeons here are experienced enough and have artistic skills to perform non- invasive FUE surgeries so that patients can have natural, dense hair for lifetime without scars and stictes.

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