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Dandruffs are dead skin cells in the scalp. Skin cells are always renewing especially on the scalp and the old (dead) skin are regularly expelled from the skin. Dandruff occurs when new cells are produced faster than they die, flakes of dead skin cells appear on the scalp accompanied by itching.

For some people exposure to extreme changes in temperature triggers the cause of dandruff. There are more severe cases of dandruff and the treatment could take time. Sometimes dandruffs are cause by a more severe skin disease such as Psoriasis. People with severe case of dandruff have a low self-esteem and the treatment includes physiological and psychological. Men are more prone on dandruff than women. Some people think dandruffs are cause by their scalp being too dry. They tend to wash their hair without the use of shampoo or wash it less often. The truth is sometimes washing it often and using the right shampoo prevents the spread of dandruff.


Salty diets or too much sugar intake and love for spicy foods often contribute to the development of dandruff.

Classic signs of dandruff are red itchy patch of white flakes on the scalp. Flakes are more noticeable if the person suffering from dandruff wears dark clothes.

Treatments do not require going to the doctor except for severe cases in which the affected area may be swollen and open wounds appear due to scratching.

Babies and children are susceptible to dandruff. Signs and symptoms may appear in babies between 2 weeks to 6 months but usually disappear within a few more weeks. Symptoms of dandruff in children are commonly called Cradles Cap.

Symptoms can be defined as something that the patient can describe and sense. While a sign is something another person notice such peers and doctors.

There are treatments to prevent and cure dandruff , there are home remedies you can try which effective in treating dandruff, washing your hair in vinegar (apple cider) will help get rid of unwanted dead skin on your scalp and it won't clogged up your scalp. Vinegar acts as fungicide to prevent the over growth of fungus on skin. Baking soda also works wonders to your skin and scalp. Fenugreek is a plant mainly used as a spice and is also effective in the prevention of dandruff. There are also organic ways to treat dandruff such as taking vitamins and foods rich in Zinc such as animal proteins, vegetarian can protect their scalp by including nuts to their diet.

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