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If you tune in to any fashion event across the globe, you'll see beautiful people, beautiful clothes and most importantly, beautiful hair. Armed with a team of hairstylists, even models with below average natural hair can be turned into someone with jealousy-inducing hair.

We know. Unless you're one of the lucky few born with naturally voluminous, thick, glossy hair then the struggle is real. One thing most 'wow' catwalk hairstyles have in common right now is the beautiful volume. So how do they do it? What are their secrets? And the only real question…can ordinary girls recreate the incredible catwalk hairstyles at home?


Why, yes. Yes you can. All you need is some patience, the right products, and a whole lot of practice.

One thing to remember is that you need to take the best care of your hair if you want to subject it to lots of styling. Even if you don't, having hair in great condition means that you can rock the natural look and instead of looking dishevelled, you'll look relaxed and minimalist. Do regular deep-conditioning treatments, try to limit hot styling, and use a good quality shampoo and conditioner to stop frizz and breakage and to ensure your hair stays nourished and happy.

So if it's crazy big volume you're after, then preparation is key. Wash your hair, only applying conditioner to the lengths and ends but keeping it well away from roots. Get out of the shower and flip your hair a few times, towel dry it, then use a volumising spray all over your hair, especially at the roots. You can also rub in some volumising mouse, but leave an inch or so at your roots to avoid them getting too dirty. At this point it's best to wrap your hair in a towel for ten minutes or so to speed up the drying process and lift the roots a little.

If you choose to air dry, use a big clip on top of your head so the roots are lifted up. If you would rather use a hair dry, then don't touch a brush until your hair is 95% dry, or even until after you've dried it fully. Use the age-old trick of turning your head upside down and blow-dry from the roots downward to ensure the hair stays smooth. If you still want a bit more, spray in some dry shampoo and fluff your hair at the roots. You can also backcomb your hair and use a bit of hairspray to set it. Don't be afraid to add volume with curls or waves either. For an instant fix, change the parting of your hair. It will try to lay to the “normal” side and so will fall higher and look thicker.

Finish with a light mist of shine spray, give your hair a little toss, and step out onto your catwalk. Oh, sorry….we mean driveway.

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