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While Choosing a Hair Transplantaion Centre:

Make sure both the centre and the Cosmetic Surgeon have the best Track Record.


Refer customer testimonials, contact people who have successfully completed their treatment before.

Enquire if the centre has won any Awards and/or Recognitions that add proof to their track records.

If someone wants a solution for baldness, or hair loss, and would ask me a suggestion on whom to consult for hair transplantation in bangalore, I would for sure suggest Dr. Girish A. C, from Curls & Curves Hair Transplantation and Cosmetic Surgery centre in Bangalore.

The success stories and geniune customer testimonials of Curls & Curves are more than enough to stand for their track record.

Dr. Girish is a very popular Cosmetic Surgeon in Bangalore, who appears frequently in TV channels, public events and programs that give instructions and health tips, and explains about Hair Transplantation and various other Cosmetic Surgery procedures.

He has appeared in:

“Dear Doctor” program in Suvarna News channel.

“Nimma Doctor” program on TV 9 Channel.

FM Rainbow 101.3.

“Doctor's Live” program on Udaya News channel.

“Nithya Sanjeevini” program in Public TV, and

“Be Healthy” program in BTV News.

Curls & Curves Bangalore has been awarded with various awards and recognitions, which include:

“Most Reliable and Authentic Brand” by “Standard Certified Organisation” for 2015 – 16.

“Leadership Excellence Award – 2014” by “Shining Image of India”.

“Super Quality Crown Award” for “Promising Hair Transplantation and Cosmetic Surgery Centre” of the year 2014 for providing Affordable Cost treatment.

“Most Promising Cosmetic Surgery Centre in Bangalore” by NDTV in 2012.

Dr. Girish A. C. has been honoured with many awards and recognitions in his career. Some of the recent ones are as follows:

“Seva Chakra – Leadership Excellence Award” – 2014.

“Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award” for “Outstanding Individual Achievements and Distinguished Services to the Nation” – 2014.

“Best Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon in Bangalore” – Global Lifestyle Awards by Prime Time – 2014.

“Bharat Jyoti Award” for “Outstanding Services, Achievements and Contributions” by “India Internetional Friendship Society” – 2015.

Most of the weekly article publishers and leading newspapers also feature articles from Dr. Girish A. C, time to time. These articles are very useful and consists of precautions, safety measures, tips, do's and don'ts, candidacy, best practices, after effects and much more regarding Hair Transplantation and various Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery procedures.

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