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The latest trend to hit the hair care market is products loaded with keratin. They promise to solve the problem of rough, lusterless tresses. Today, you can easily get keratin shampoo and conditioner online and otherwise. However, the best quality comes only from reputable brands.

Importance of keratin for tresses


Hair is nothing but protein structure. This protein is in the form of keratin. According to experts, when keratin bonds break you get rough, damaged tresses.

Most of the salon treatments like bleaching, perming, coloring, and others break keratin bonds to some extent. Excess heat of styling tools also does the same. Besides this, a diet poor in protein can pave the path for weak, breakage-prone tresses.

Your tresses find their strength and elasticity in keratin. That's why advanced hair care brands like Keranique infuse their products with keratin substances. Today's erratic lifestyle takes a toll on tresses health, not mentioning the environmental pollution.

Gone are the days when you simply needed a cleansing agent to keep your tresses clean. Today, you need much more under the shower. A shampoo should not only cleanse, but also nourish, repair, and hydrate tresses. Keratin shampoo and conditioner are equipped to do all this. Experts call them hair 'tonic.'

Benefits of keratin products

  • They form a keratin film around strands. This film acts as a barrier against external damaging elements like dust, pollution, harsh winds, snow, extreme heat and cold, and the sun.
  • The film also helps to seal moisture in tresses shafts. This keeps hair hydrated. They appear silkier, softer, and bouncier.
  • The film lets cuticles overlap each other, which smoothens tresses texture. Light gets reflected uniformly from such hair, giving them a dazzling shine.
  • An interesting thing that happens while using a keratin-based product is that your hair looks fuller. As each strand gets coated with keratin their volume increases naturally.

A typical Keranique hair product contains keratin based substances, botanical extracts, and other hair nourishing elements. Perhaps this is what gives the brand the thumbs up from users.

According to market survey, Keranique is among the top-ranked hair care brands. It offers a collection of products designed especially for thinning hair. Each product is formulated to add volume and quality to tresses. A striking feature is that the brand is only for women.

So, it comes as a 'savior' for women who are suffering from plenty of tresses problems. Blame it on modern lifestyle, genes, or some medical illness, the truth is that an increasing number of women are suffering from tresses woes. Hair loss tops the list of woes.

Brands like Keranique are made to help women come out of their 'bad tresses days.' They help women flaunt glamorous hair and deal with their hair loss problems effectively.

So if you, too, are a sufferer, take the first step. Switch to a keratin shampoo and conditioner. Make sure they are from reputable brands. Choice of brand is important, say experts. Only then can you expect the desired results.

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