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The common indulgence of hair care, management and cosmetic treatments has its impression made through the core need for hair regrowth. It may sound as though all the major and minor treatments developed in relation to the hair issues are meant to be dealing with hair loss and reviving the potential to regrow hair one more time because it was lost in the due course of time. Though it is not a correct notion, it must be granted that it is a very popular notion that runs high on emotions as well. Considering the day to day scenario in Indian cities like Mumbai, the need to reconsider their hair growth pattern and preventive measured reflect more than personal and professional reasons. There are various emotions at play with the onset of hair loss which would in fact change the entire direction and course of thinking because of a disturbed psychological status.

The other reasons which perhaps are specific only to India or probably more to do with eastern cultures are to do with a person's acceptance in the society which is also a phenomenon in the western societies that is displayed through peer pressure and limitations in relationship building. All these challenges and limitations can potentially bring about some change in a person's state of psychological being that could be negative, depressive and stressful. For a patient who is dealing with all these challenges because of an early balding or untimely hair loss, if the given treatment option is only a surgical possibility, it might further add to his or her stress. The idea of surgery often brings two things to an average mind; they are about risk and cost. Most of the people live under an impression that a surgical option is always a risky affair apart from being very expensive if compared with other options, if available. Then there are some more people who opt out of the treatment itself if given a surgical solution. The introduction of non surgical treatments options in the field of cosmetology has in a way been addressing all these concerns that can't be simply written off. In various hair treatment scenarios also, non surgical options are becoming more relevant with more of patient opting these therapies over surgical procedures. Some of the popular treatment options in this segment include mesotherapy which is intended to give the necessary vitamin boost because of which the scalp gets renewed potential. There are also several time tested natural products that are recommended in combination with cosmetic solutions. They are best used for enhanced hair care and management purposes.

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