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Hair extensions in nutshell are strands that are fixed with clips with once hair such that they look longer and denser. Extensions are mostly used in the glamour world by actors to get portrayed in different style.

Types of hair extensions


Basically hair extensions are categorized in two categories natural that are made from human hair and artificial that from synthetic material like fiber. Natural strands more costly in contrast to artificial once, but they are best suited as give natural look. The natural market is also sub categorized, Asian are a bit rough in texture so they are a cheaper in contrast to European hairs as they offer rich glossy texture and are more consistent. These clips are needed to treat in the same way as natural hairs are treated. So is you are one of those who not so frequently uses hair extensions then this is the most recommended clips for you. Mostly the natural strands get gelled up with your locks therefore you have to take extra care off your locks. You can use cosmetic products like shampoo and conditioner on your hair extensions that you apply on your own locks. Synthetic clips extensions are a cheap choice but there is a drawback associated with these clips as they do not offer natural look thus giving an awkward feel. Another drawback of Synthetic strands is that they cannot be re colored using dye and they cannot be re styled using lock dryer. Well if you are one of those who experiments with his or her look most of the time then synthetic strands are a perfect inexpensive option.

Methods of hair extensions

There are arrays of attachment techniques available these days. Hair extension clips is the oldest attachment technique and is in use till date as they get attached with your hairs easily and they also don't damage your locks. Clips use is basically based on the volume you desire to put on. It's simple and easy to install just open the clip and attach them on your scalp. Weaves are the second most popular after extensions as they can be weaved directly into your hair tail. To use weaves you must have healthy hairs, furthermore weaves are a bit uncomfortable as they build a tense atmosphere on the scalp region of your head. You have to be caution full while you are inside water with weave on your head. The third most popular extension after weaves is sealed hair extensions, these extensions are incorporated after sectioning of hairs. A coupling layer is applied for bonding. Particularly this type of extension is long lasting in nature, approximately four months. The fourth type of locks extensions technique is fusion extension, in fusion strands of hair are doped in protein based glue substance and afterwards are coupled with natural locks.

These are some of the most promising clips available in market. To go along with any particular hair extension depends on you.

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