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Doing dark caramel highlights has been made easy by the do-it-yourself kits available at cost effective prices in the market. You need the highlights you can do it on your own. Get a branded highlighting kit from the market and prepare the color as prescribed on the packing. Follow the guidelines and get the highlights, you are looking for.

Is highlighting hair so simple that you can do it on your own? No it is not. Underlining hairs is a specialist's job and you should get it done from seasoned hands. If you are doing highlights for the first time then certainly the kit is not for you. Try salon highlights instead of doing it on your own as you can never achieve the perfection in first attempt.


Prior to doing highlights, you should know about maintaining the color. There are many things to know about hair highlights like you would need touching the color once in a few weeks. If you want to change the color then you would need washing the colors from your hairs. Another thing is choosing the highlights wisely. Your face shape, haircut, hair type and hair color all have a say in your selection of highlight.

Dark caramel highlights can transform your look completely but only when the highlights are carefully chosen and done by a professional. If you have seen a celebrity wearing highlights and you want similar color for your hairs then you need take the picture to your hairdresser so that the hairdresser can understand your needs.

Web is the place, where you can find many celebrities with highlighted hairs. Look at each celebrity carefully and choose one that attracts you most. Print the picture of that celebrity and show the picture to your hairdresser so that the hairdresser could highlight your hairs just like the celebrity in the picture.

Dark caramel highlights provide a great way to change your look without going for a change of haircut. For inspiration, you can look at celebrities because they keep experimenting with their hair colors. There are many celebrities that are known for using rich highlights. Doing a Google image search cold provide you tons of pictures of highlighted hairs.

For first time, you should go to salon for dark caramel highlights. For second time, you can try doing highlights at home. Doing highlights is not enough as you need to take care of the color otherwise you would need to wash out the highlights within a few days.

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