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Latest news in Rajasthan says that the temperature within the city and not the airport has risen to 50 degree Celsius. Now that's hot … really, and sweaty.

A beautiful dress … light make-up … a smart bag … a comfortable pair of shoes … Way to go girl! You are perfectly ready for a summer outing! Errr, did we miss out on something? Did you say your top crop? Aannn, so now that's something that really makes me go bonkers … how do I dress my hair? Tie a low ponytail? Let them loose? Pigtails? Braids? A tight bun? These summers have left them dead!

Ok, if you are in some similar dilemma, one easy solution can be keeping you healthy and such questions might not pop-up in your mind. So the care, how to … how to care for hair in summers. Here's a quick list, which we as a news channel in Rajasthan would say are rather easy to follow:

  • Use shampoo with moisturizers. Normal shampoo are good, but shampoo with moisturizer are a bit soft, thus letting your crop breathe a bit more.
  • The heat might hit your head, but still … don't shampoo your everyday. Shampooing everyday can weaken your hair, thus breakage, and thus leaving you in despair. The normal routine of twice a week does enough good.
  • Do not … DO NOT … forget conditioning. A deep conditioner is a must during summers.
  • To stay cool, use cool water, say a total bye to warm water during summers. However, news Rajasthan live channel, 1st India News would caution you against using cold water instead of cool!
  • Beer is a good conditioner; however, not in summer. Beer, or for that matter, any kind of alcohol on your hair will leave them extremely dry, which would lead to breakage.
  • What can work wonders on a bad-hair day in summer is putting a bit of baby powder and combing it.
  • Excess of heat is to be avoided totally, dryers, curlers … excess of sun. If it's excess of sun, start using a mask. Your hair would love you back if you can avoid over exposure to sun
  • For those with frizzy hair, get it trimmed. A short cut will always keep you in a better mood in summer.
  • Want your hair long? Ok then, use head scarves, bandanas, hats, caps … anything that will keep your hair covered, or at least the roots of your hair.
  • For those who go gymming, washing your hair everyday becomes a necessity. However, washing your hair everyday will leave your hair weak. So, the source of latest Rajasthan news suggests you to find out any fruit-based mild shampoo, any good departmental store can offer you many good brands.
  • For those who go swimming, there can be two options: (a) put mild coconut hair oil at least 2 hours before you take a dip, shampoo and then deep condition or (b) put a layer of conditioner. Make sure you always shampoo post swimming.
  • As for the hairstyles, keeping them in a tight braid, or a bun or knotted helps the best in sun, as it avoids sun exposure as much as possible.

Other than these few hair care tips, there are a few hair-care masks that bring added lusture to your hair. And then no tip can surpass a healthy meal and an adequate amount of water. First India Rajasthan will return back soon with a few easy-to hair masks and foods that can take extra care of your hair.

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