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Have you heard about Natural Hair Transplant Clinic? This is one of the best clinics as far as the Indian market is concerned. Natural Hair transplant deploys qualified doctors who perform surgical hair restoration on a regular basis. Experienced doctors at NHT have been performing hair transplantation procedures on men and women for significant number of years. With their worthwhile experience, they have acknowledged that, surgical process of restoration is as well an art as a science.

Whenever it comes to medical attention or surgical restoration expert dermatologists look forward to several methods like Follicular Unit Grafting or Follicular Unit Extraction. These surgeries can be done under strict medical supervision using the advanced Neo Graft device. However, these kind of surgical procedures are considered to be extremely complicated and pre operative care is suggested. Medical experts suggest that, you go through the procedure extremely carefully and understand the pros and cons before choosing the methodology for surgery.


Simultaneously, medical experts warn you against the required care and attention that is required post-surgery. Choosing a proper medical expert having requisite experience is utmost necessity in order to have the desired outcome after surgery. Please note in this connection that, Natural Hair Transplant is such a clinic that hosts perfectly experienced dermatologists and hair transplantation specialists. They are ready to provide you with tailor-made solutions based on your specific requirements altogether.

Hair Transplantation procedures:

Hair transplantation procedures take into consideration removal of hair follicles from the donor area of the scalp or such part of the body. Donor areas are selected on the basis of hair growth that a particular part of the body has. Donor areas need to be selected very carefully as intensity of hair growth actually matters. Recipient areas are made by default, i.e., areas of the body which are devoid of proper hair growth remains to be good recipients. Hair transplantation is about picking up healthy hairs from the donor area and then replacing the same in the recipient area on the whole. Although this seems to be a very simple process, actually the process is extremely complicated.

This because different human beings have different growth patterns, controlled by genetics and hormones, which run in their heredity. These factors are as unique as fingerprints. Therefore, a proper research is extremely important in order to prescribe hair transplantation solutions.

We at Natural Hair Transplant clinic, deploy qualified and experienced doctors who have performed such complicated surgeries earlier. Most of the surgical technicians employed at our clinic, are well equipped to face the challenges of complicated hair transplantation mechanisms.

One of the major advantages is that, Natural Hair Transplant clinic deploys best of the technicians as well as best of the machineries. Care and service is provided under best nurses who actually connect with the patient. Infrastructure is something that we can boast of. Cabins and Operation theatres form our strong backbone. Experienced doctors are constantly at your beck and call and lead you towards getting maximum benefit post hair transplantation.


In case you are looking for hair transplantation procedures to be implemented, you shall get many options to choose from. But, one needs to be careful because, hair transplantation remains to be a complicated process. Therefore, a detailed pre consultation is a must for patients waiting for a desired outcome. We, at Natural Hair Transplantation clinic, provide you with a one-stop solution for all kinds of hair transplantation requirements. Our clinic actively participates to ensure the well-being of the patients, in addition to providing them with utmost care through a group of experienced surgeons. Above all, we boast of a state-of the art infrastructure that augments the well being of patients. Providing tailor-made solutions are our forte. Using advanced machineries are our major selling proposition. Competitive costs are yet another factor which takes care of your budget. Therefore, what are you waiting for? We are just a click away. Please visit our webpage in order to know more.

Please note, that our clinic offers free consultation prior to hair transplant in Pune. You just have to book a seat over phone to allow us to assist you! We promise a fulfilling journey together in order to get you your dream look!

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