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If you have coloured hair, it deserves that vibrant and lively treatment that restores back that bounce and shine as if you just got a salon treatment. However, the first thing to do is choose a shampoo that helps prolonged use of colour on your tresses and one that enables you to maintain that ultimate radiance of coloured hair. Even if you use a mild shampoo, the so-called 'permanent' the colour lasts only up to 20 washes or at the most 30. This write-up talks various brands of shampoo for coloured hair.


  • Aveda Colour Conserve Shampoo

    If like the brunette look, you'll love this shampoo as it is said to keep the brown colour from turning brassy. It is available for a reasonable price and keeps the colour bright and moist. Its staying power is its highlight feature that most users rave about. It also keeps the colour firmly locked up in there for a long time, thus making your hair-colouring idea investment-worthy. And the best thing is your locks will not get any side effect as it's made of all natural ingredients only.

  • Herbal Essences Colour Me Happy

    The best thing about this shampoo is its amazing fragrance and its excellent ability to add a beautiful shine to your hair. According to the reviews, this product is said to keep your tresses thoroughly protected from the elements, without drying it out. In other words, you can never have a bad-hair day with this product. It will add the extra shine and glow to your hair and the natural fragrance will add the aroma to your beauty.

  • Redken Colour Extend

    If you want to extend the staying power of that amazing hair colour, you must invest in this shampoo. Touted to add dimension and depth to your locks, this product is said to transform dull looking hair into shiny and vibrant looking one. If you have blonde highlights, you can rest assured that they will never turn brassy or greasy. Just apply this natural shampoo once or twice in a week and see the magic right from the first use.

  • Matrix Biolage Colourcare therapie
    Touted as 'sulfate-free' this shampoo is supposed to keep your hair colour “seriously vibrant”. One reviewer firmly agrees that her hair is absolutely “manageable, shiny and soft” after using this one. Apart from extending your dye job, it also has a wonderful smell that is sure to make the buyer its faithful customer. Your hair may look very dull as the colour fades out with time and this shampoo will not only help to keep the locks lustrous but also maintain its natural look for a very long time.
  • So, these are the specialised shampoos for the coloured hair and it is recommended to get it from reputed stores only for best quality. These shampoos give proper nourishment to the locks and also protect the colour and maintain its shine for a very long time. You can go for a little survey online to get these shampoos in a best price.

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