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Before we come to the part where we begin to understand the process behind hair cutting or designing, we need to know about the defining factors on which it depends to a great degree. These include the physical attributes of a person, religious demands and the hair style demanded by the person. Physical factors include a wide range of attributes which hairdressers have to take into accounts. Some of these attributes are the type of natural tresses, the pattern of growth, the shape of the head, cut of the face, the physical proportions of the body and several other factors. The self image of the person involved also plays a huge role in giving the suitable tresses style. For instance a woman's face may be perfect for a bob cut, but the person may feel too uncomfortable and self conscious of it. Other factors which influence the type of tresses you get may depend on the religion or faith. For instance, traditionally Punjabis keep their tresses long and wrapped in a colored turban.

Now at last we come to the part when we can understand the process undertaken a hair dresser top give you those beautiful cuts. In the very beginning, your tresses are washed, or rather sprayed with water. This makes cutting much easier when compared to dry tresses. One thing hairdressers tell you is to shampoo your hair before cutting. Many salons make this an imperative rule. They do this because when you shampoo your hair, it becomes smooth and therefore easy to cut. Wet tresses have an added weight due to the water, clump together and stretch downwards.

Did you ever wonder why the Hairdresser in Essendon combs and brushes your tresses in between all the cutting, jerking you out of your peaceful slumber? They do this to organize, manage and untangle the hair clumps. Brushing the tresses and combing it is also helps to remove dandruff, dust, lint and other impurities. Many types of combs are used. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are made of many types of materials such as plastic and horn. The combs with wide bristles are used for making your tresses more manageable and for making it less clumping. The combs with smaller bristles which you see are used to give the fine styles to your tresses, making it easier to trim. Proper use of these items is effective in removing dandruff and lice.

Hair dryers are a common item at hair salons. These machines are used to dry your tresses so that you do not have to go out in the heat outside and dry your tresses crisp! Hair dryers are heated and therefore produce warm air. The air blows over your hair and accelerates the rate of evaporation. Sometimes, and mostly in the case of cutting and trimming long hair, the stylists braid and clip the hair to make the effort of styling easier. For curling, a flat iron is used while for coloring Organic hair color in Essendon is used.

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