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Men always like to experiment the hair styles or follow the hairdos of their favorite actors or sports icon. It is always better to style something new for a trendy appearance and meanwhile it gives a unique appearance too. There are professional mens hair stylist shoreditch who could provide the contemporary hairstyles for an extraordinary look.

Different types of Contemporary Hairstyles


There are different styles starting from work-appropriate preppy to cutting edge punk and for every hair type too. Some are the latest trends and also there are classic styles too. They are:

Undercuts: This one has been a popular Contemporary hairstyle in shoreditch salons recently. The haircut is nice and tight at the sides with a quite length at the top. Men can style accordingly everyday for a new appearance. The hair in the top could be razor cut or point cut with the help of scissors. The stylist would know well the exact suiting.

Contrast Weight Line: This style would look best for men who have curly or wavy hair. In this style, the back and sides are cut to skin fade and the heavy weight line of the hair gives a great contrast. This is one of the best hairstyles for wavy and curly hair.

Modern Short and Back Sides: This is a modern type of haircut in which the sides and back are cut to give a nice and tight exposed scalp whereas the frontal part can be styled in an unique way for an amazing look. The mens hair stylist shoreditch could provide with these hair cut for long faced persons.

Blunt Cuts: This is one of the hairstyles that would suit to a variety of faces of different shapes and different hair textures. This Contemporary hairstyle shoreditch has the cut in the back and sides with the upper part left thick and chunky that would give a solid look for the men.

Spike Cut: It is the all famous hairstyle that had been donned by various sports stars and actors. This is a great style in which hair is transformed in the form of spikes with the use of gel. It is very trendier at this time.

Crew Cut: It is always a sober and traditional cut which always looks stylish and cannot be overshadowed by anything. This could be a traditionally Contemporary hairstyle in Shoreditch.

With the help of internet, one could find a credible mens hair stylist shoreditch services for having a stupendously trendy haircut. There are professionals who have expertise over styling hair for different purpose like fashion shows, seminars with artists and designers, music videos, etc. They always keep track of the latest trends and also try for inventing some new hairdos so that the customer finds an exquisite touch in their hairstyles.

Several salons have their own websites in which details of the hair stylists could be found easily. It is vital to book an appointment with the stylist before going for the haircut.

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