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If you wish to grow your hair really long and cannot wait much, weaving is the best option for you. All you have to do is to visit a reputed salon of Hair Weaving Maryland or in your area and ask them to weave a hair extension with your original mane. You can achieve the most natural looks too if you select the right variety of extensions that match with the texture and type of your original tresses. However, even after following all these you have to ensure that the extended strands remain so for a longer time. For this, the following considerations will be indispensible. So, start reading.

Go for the reputed technicians only


Do not try to save money in the process by hiring a technician who says that he will weave the extensions in your hair in half the rate. It is more essential to check the credibility of the person and affirm if he is fit for the job instead of prioritizing upon the remuneration he charges. Remember, saving few bucks will not be of any good if your weaves are not properly done and your natural hair does not grow at all as a result.

Protect the extensions at bedtime

You might have been advised by people that projecting your hair from rubbing against the pillow during bedtime prevents hair fall. This rule applies for the extension too that you have opted for from Natural Hair Salons In Maryland and elsewhere. Therefore, make it a part of your everyday regime to wear a skullcap when you sleep. This practice will help in keeping the weaves in their place.

Avoid contact with heat

If you have a habit of blow drying your hair too often, you have to chance it once you get hair extensions. The same rule applies for women who are fond of using styling tools like hot tongues, rollers and straightening equipments too frequently. Actually, the strands get stripped off natural moisture when you use these styling tools regularly. As these extended strands are not connected with your scalp, so they will not be able to extract natural oils. As a result, they will become coarser day by day. In case you do not have a check on your habit, these extensions would not match with your original hair. Hence, restrict the use of styling equipments as much as possible.

Permit breathability

Allow some breathing time to your weaves so that you are the roots get adequate air circulation. It is more important for you to allow breathability in your extended strands at least for three consecutive weeks after weaving. This approach will help the weaves to set properly.

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