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The causes and the remedies of hair loss

The vices of the modern day living has begun to take its toll on the human body every single day. The schedule of the people restricts the body to have enough rest as required. The lack of rest is an impediment to the proper functioning of the prime organs of the body. The loss of hair may be due to a hindrance in the kidney or an issue with the lever. So the thinning of the hair and sudden loss should not be neglected. The food habits also owe a lot to the perpetual baldness. The oily diet and the junk food cause a situation, where the digestive system doesn't work to its optimum efficiency. This again leads to various issues with health, loss of hair being a very frightening outcome. There is no doubt that most of the causes are avoidable, although tough considering the current lifestyle. The unavoidable factor also exists in the form of Pollution, which is a monster that has caused lot damage to the mankind. The hair loss treatment, which was a subject of confusion and misconception to many, has steadily found its acceptance among the people. Although the percentage still needs a correction.


The division

The treatments of hair loss can be primarily divided into the surgical and the non surgical headers. As the name suggests the non surgical treatments are devoid of any surgery. Some of the prime non surgical treatments include the Mesotherapy and the PRP treatment. The former involves a mix of proteins that is injected into the scalp. The injected vitamin increases the blood circulation in the follicles. The enhanced circulation takes the onus on them to provide better nourishment to the scalp which accounts for the re growth of the hair follicles. On the other hand, the Platelet rich plasma therapy is primarily for the tissue healing. The enriched plasma is injected into the scalp for the recuperation of the worn and jaded out hair follicles. Both the treatments are devoid of any pain and follow the scientific measures. The results of these therapies have proved that there are no side effects either for men or women. The time taken for these also work in their favor. Maximum of three to four hours is required.

What it is like?

Hair transplant is another modern day revelation that has taken care of the hair loss in a big way. This surgical treatment has been instrumental in providing the solace and satisfaction to many patients by staying within the vicinity of proper medical science. It is a hair restoration therapy where a strip of the hair is moved out from the scalp and is planted on that part which is devoid of hair follicles. The transplant is done by the professionals with extreme precision.

The results of the hair loss treatments are for the world to be seen. Experienced teams of doctors and nurses handle these treatments with proper care and safety. The growing popularity of the therapies and treatments bear a testimony to the fact that these are safe and productive.

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