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Now, First of all, Just what is Hair Made of?

Hair is composed mainly of proteins (88 %). These proteins are of a hard fibrous kind recognized as keratin. Keratin protein is comprised of what we call “polypeptide chains. The word, polypeptide, comes from the Greek word “poly” suggesting lots of and “peptos” suggesting digested or broken down. In essence, if we break down protein, we have specific amino acids.


Many amino acids united together form a “polypeptide chain”. 2 amino acids are adhered together by a “peptide bond”, and the correct number of amino acids put in their right order will form a certain protein; i.e. keratin, insulin, collagen and so on.

Short Hair Cuts! Hot Designs!

Short hair cuts reflect self-assurance, readiness to take new challenges! That is a definite turn on. No one wants to be the demure, mundane and conservative type of gal! We want to be seen as an individual who rises to the difficulties of today's life style! And a se.xy short cut states it all! Short hair shows you are cool, confident, in control, and too hectic to invest hours fussing with your hair, due to the fact that there is numerous more important things in life which we must be investing our time on!

Bobs are always a short hair design always in high hair fashion and can easily be custom cut and colored to add to any type of style, texture or length of hair.

The right bob design, like a beveled bob, can also deal with any sort of face form. Changes can be made to the fringe or bang area, length and layers to play up some features and lessen others.

Keeping Hair Moisturized

Hair generally has a moisture material of roughly 10 %. If your hair's wetness content drops below this level the key is to add to the hair's capacity of attract and retain moisture. This is achieved using emollients. Excellent one have “humectants” that not only replace lost moisture however actually entice moisture and preserve it in the cortex of the hair. Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are fantastic emollients.

Regardless if you are expanding out your layers between hair cuts or expanding them out to one length on a more long-term basis, develop texture in your tresses to quickly blend the layers into the rest of your design.

So, what are you awaiting? We urge you to discover more about the different se.xy short hair styles and get one today! However before you go running off for your short crops, do find out more about exactly what type of short hair styles fits your facial appearance! Come and learn even more! Find the design that suits you perfectly!

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