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This might have sounded something out of the blue had it been mentioned a couple of decades back. However, today with the advent of hair transplant surgery the lost hairs can be restored without much difficulty. Although there have been a number of hair products that promise regrowth of hairs but there is nothing than can regrow them with the exception of hair transplant. Since hair transplant involves surgery so many people feel reluctant undergoing it. It is important that all those who do not have much idea about hair transplant must know how it actually works

. Basically hair transplant involves grafting of hairs in the hairless region that are taken from the back of the head. These hairs can be removed in form of a strip (Strip removal method) and also one by one (FUE method). The grafting process in both the methods is very much the same but the results are better in case of the second one.

One main reason that people do not like to undergo surgery is that they are concerned about the complications which may arise after the surgery. This is true that complications do arise but it is more because of the people going to wrong type of surgeon who offers surgery at a cheaper cost.If you are looking for hair restoration,it is only possible through hair transplant which must be performed by a highly skilled and professional surgeon.

When we talk about hair loss,it is a common problem in both men and women regardless of what may be the reason behind. Somehow,the hair loss in women is not as severe as it is in men and the lost hairs likely to grow back. It is very rare that woman gets to have a complete bald head. Nevertheless,it is possible that hairs can disappear from a certain area in the scalp which can be restored by FUE hair transplant.

People going for hair transplant always have a list of questions in their mind.One major question that most people have is the hair growth after the hair transplant surgery.It must be understood that the transplanted hairs grow in the same way as the other hairs.However,the growth does not start right after the surgery.It may go on to take a few months before the hair start growing normally and the head is full if hairs. If you are still looking for any hair regrowth products in the market then you will end up wasting time and ofcourse money.

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