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hair loss due to hormonal imbalance is quite possible and many people suffer from it. Hormones are the chemical signals that are sent to cells in the body with various functions to be performed as a result. The signals sent through blood stream are meant for specific cells and unrelated cells simply ignore them. They are imperative for the smooth operation of the body. When there is a hormonal imbalance, many of the body functions gets affected. Since the regulators are not doing their job right, improper signals create many issues. Hair loss due to hormonal imbalance does take place quite commonly and we shall learn more about this kind of hair loss in the following lines.



Insulin has a crucial role in the body as it regulates the blood sugar level in the body. It also performs the functions of fat storage, looking after heart's health and hair growth. Resistance to insulin can cause diabetes.

Research has shown that women who develop resistance to insulin are likely going to undergo female pattern baldness which causes thinning in women.


It is a male hormone that is associated with many body functions. It is also present in women in lesser quantities. If this hormone goes through an imbalance and it generally causes thinning in women while also adding hair to face and other parts of the body which are uncertainly most undesired.


Thyroid glands perform the critical function of regulating the metabolism in the body. An imbalance in thyroid gland can lead to depression, weight gain, lethargy and tiredness, and hair loss. Once an imbalance is created in the thyroid gland, the body tries to fix it by directing the energies towards it. Functions such as hair growth take a back seat and are affected as a result. People with older age are affected the most.


Estrogen is crucial in stabilizing women's mood, maintaining a healthy sex drive and giving them an energy boost. If the hormone is produced in excessive quantities, it can be a cause of number of health problems. One of these issues includes hair thinning in women. Estrogen levels can go AWOL due to a number of reasons including weight gain, perimenopause and due to toxicity caused by exposure to endocrine disruptors often through water and food and thinning during pregnancy is also common since estrogen levels can fluctuate greatly during this time.

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