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It has been seen that baldness is becoming a common problem nowadays due to which hair transplant is only the solution which is a surgical procedure removing the follicles from the donor part and transplant them to the recipient's area suffering from hair loss. This is now used by youngsters , men and women because loss of hairs gradually leads to depression. Marmm provides Best Hair Transplant in Indore which is known for affordable and successful treatments done by specialized team of experts and surgeon which is one of the finest work in India.

With the advancement in technologies many medicines have been developed to remove baldness no doubt but transplant is technique through which the natural growth occurs. Hair transplant can help in bringing back a full or at-least fuller head and the transplanted hair is long lasting .


Procedure Involved In Hair Transplant:

1. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)- In this process of transplant an individual follicle is extracted from donar area of patient and transplant them to recipient's area. This procedure is tedious and takes only few hours, painless after giving the few number of injections.

2.FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)- In this process of transplantation a strip of scalp is cut from the back side of head and dissected into individual grafts. In this proper consultation is required in order to explain its systematic procedure including advantages and disadvantages.

Key Benefits of Transplant:

1. Hair transplant is advanced technique from which the problem of hair loss or baldness can be resolve.

2.It does not involve any kind of medicines and chemicals in their procedure which is totally natural and safe.

3.No need of cost of maintenance for the transplanted hair in the surgery.

4.The bald spot on head is no more appears after the surgery.

5. One of the scientific advantage of hair transplant is that it is related to uniformity of distribution which worked upon the optimization in such a way that follicular distribution remains flawless.

6. It is more cost effective rather than the other artificial driven mechanism of hair treatments.

Cost Associated with the Surgery:

As we all know that the cost of transplant affects the people in different way such that keep themselves away from the surgery. But its cost is not so high , only depend upon the baldness area of individual. In India now it has stepped down which charged cost per graft when does Hair Transplant In Indore.

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