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While setting hair you can use flat iron to get an even look and silky texture to your hair. You can see irons of various brands in the market. Instead of going behind one that is attractive, select product based on ease of use and durability. Irons made of various types of materials are available today. Which is the best one?

There will be confusion in customers mind about the quality and ease of use. Only those people who know even very minute details about iron will be able to select the best one. Buy you don't have to about it. This article will talk about some of the ways in identifying the iron that will suit your hair.


Of the many types of iron the ceramic flat iron is considered to be the best type. Experts have the opinion that the ceramic flat iron can conduct heat better and there will be less damage on hair. Some of the hair straightening products has metal plates on its tips. If it is a cheap metal plate then there will be hot spots on it. While heating the iron with metal plates the hot spots will become hotter and this will damage the hair. Whereas ceramic plates have the ability to control heat, thereby hair becomes soft, smooth and straight. The Cloud Nine Iron is having good demand among teenagers. One of its products – The Wide Iron has smooth and glossy ceramic plates. The palates are coated with a special ingredient that can give hair a shiny and glossy texture. The coating will be on the plates for a long time. Whenever you use the Cloud Nine Iron the ingredient will come into contact with your hair.

It is better to select plates of 1 inch to 1 width if you have long and thin hair. When the plates are wider you won't be able to use it at the temples. If you have thick and curly hair then wider plate is the best bet.

Choosing iron with thermometer gauges allows in increasing and decreasing the temperature. This will assist in regulating the heat when you are using it in thick hair and thin hair regions. The Cloud Nine Iron products can be operated in voltages ranging from 90 Volts to 250 Volts. This allows in adjusting the temperature.

Remember misuse straightening products can damage. Make sure you are using it in the right way.

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