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Many people globally face the problem of hair fall which can be a main cause of anxiety and stress. Chemotherapy, exposure to harmful radiations, exposure to certain chemicals, medical problems and deficiencies can cause this problem. Many of us spend hugely on hair care products but fail to get the desired volume and strength. The root should be strong and flexible but the regular use of certain chemical based shampoos and creams can damage the scalp skin and make it break from the ends and in between.

Certain chemicals and coloring substances can damage the natural nourishment of scalp and make the hair look dry and ugly. So how to protect hair from chemicals and how to make growth faster without using harmful chemicals or hair care products. The best way to make hair grow faster is to use herbal oil that is rich in many natural components which can nourish the scalp and the hair to prevent dryness of scalp as well as the strands. The regular use of herbal hair care oil such as Hylix Lotion nourishes the roots and makes it look shiny and strong.


Using certain hair care or styling products and exposure to unnatural dyes can make it look dull and undernourished. Taking a diet low in minerals and vitamins can also cause deficiencies in the body which ultimately effects growth and causes dryness of the hair and the scalp. These symptoms can be easily regulated by applying the herbal hair care oil which is a great way to empower the roots and increase its volume. The herbal oil is made up of many natural ingredients which can make them look shiny and strong.

Herbs such as Phyllanthus emblica can be found in the herbal hair care oil which provides one of the best natural ways to people who want to know how to make hair growth faster and protect scalp from dandruff. This is an edible fruit which is rich in antioxidants (vitamins C, calcium, iron etc). It is believed to be one of the richest sources of minerals and vitamins. It contains many phyto-compounds such as proteins, flavonoids, alkaloids, saponins and tannins.

The oxidative damage to the scalp caused by use of chemicals or styling can be restored by applying the oil, which contains the berries or the fruits of Phyllanthus emblica. The antioxidants in the berries can lower the effects of oxidative damage at cell levels and nourish the skin to increase the growth. In the recent years advances in metabolomics and genomics have been made which allows experts to identify the real potential of certain natural substance.

Herbal hair care oil which is mentioned above contains many other herbs which are very powerful and can provide the scalp with desired nutrition for effective growth and give the most reliable and unsurpassed way for hair growth to people who want to know how to make hair growth faster.

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