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Just new trends or new treatment solutions?

Hair transplant is undoubtedly a new age phenomenon and because of its popularity, it invites a lot of criticism too. The Indian context of healthcare, medicine and lifestyle driven cosmetics are always remembered for constructive criticism and positive debate around the best practices. Though there is enough data backing and these treatment procedures are scientifically sound, the Indian way of looking at things is always different. Indian medical experts as well as the patients ensure that there is relevance and how well Indians respond to some of these cosmetic interventions. The truth about hair loss is mostly ignored by many people and in most of the cases the best of the solutions are either underutilized or completely ignored for the sake of many reasons that may not be really justified.

The lack of proper hair growth is one of the medical disorders which are also ignored by many people in the places like Mumbai. This is a common scenario that is also observed in places such as Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi. These are India's premium cities with affluent population which is both educated as well as industrialized. The industrial corridors are mostly prone to pollution and they have the potential of making working men and women less resisting to the process of aging. Pollution's exposure at a constant pace is one of the very prominent reasons for dreadful health disorders and of course aging either precedes of follows them all. In any case aging is definitely related with the working conditions and surrounding environment. But the question is if aging is indicated by hair growth deficiency syndrome? It could be vice versa in a way that the process of aging could result in the deficiency we are talking about. To be candid and categorical, there is absolutely no specific study or survey done in India to establish this fact or to relate with what many believe to be a popular perception.

Still staying on with the argument and perceptions about age, the biggest flip flop is about what happens with hair line reduction or depletion or loss when it's not even about age. There are young people who are in their mid or late twenties presented rather pestered with baldness. It is a very disturbing situation for them when it is their prime time or age for finding careers and making relationships to work. These are not exceptions as the growing number of such cases is alarming in Indian cities and many youngsters are giving into psychological struggle and depression because of early loss of scalp's ability to grow and sustain hair. While observing these trends and comparing with the advancements in the treatment trends, any right thinking mind would suggest the benefit of undergoing treatments at reputed centers so that the future seems bright in spite of all the limitations.

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