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Hair is the first line of defense on our body. Hair was supposed to protect us from harsh sunlight, winds and the rain. It is present over the body in form of soft vellus hair and coarse, stumpy form.

Our ancestors were considerably hairy as they had to live in extreme climate. Amount of body hair lowered with evolution and increased stability of surrounding. Practices of tending to body hair have changed with time. The life and people we see on screen have lead to exceptionally high levels of beauty and grooming. Everyone tries to be a perfect version of their own self. After the considerable leaps of science, this perfection is quite easily achievable.


We cannot expect to take out time to tweeze, shave or wax the hair off every few weeks. As a permanent solution, hair can be treated with Laser hair Removal in Reading. In this procedure, concentrated beams of light are applied to your skin in order to destroy the roots of body hair. After a few sessions, the hair will gradually become weak and never grow back. The number of sessions depends on the type of body hair and the skin color of the patient. This treatment may be a tad painful in a few cases but it is a small price to pay for smooth, hairless skin for the rest of the life.

Everyone has regrets from their past. Tattoos can be a permanent regret. However Tattoo removal in Reading has emerged as the solution to embarrassing tattoos and tattoo accidents. Laser treatment is used to eliminate the pigment in the tattoos. A beam is exposed to the inked area, the pigment absorbs the light and it begins to fade away. Complete tattoo removal requires a few sessions, depending on the size and location on the body. Tattoos with colored pigments may need more time to be erased. The time frame also depends on the color of the skin and the how old the tattoo is. Your blast from the past can certainly be erased.

The most desirable thing from the past is the youth. Youth has always been identified with beauty and grace, which fade away with age. To restore some of your youthful and smooth skin, therapies like Dermal Fillers, Botox in Reading have surfaced. Here, a small amount of FDA approved fluid is injected just below the skin. It fills out the wrinkles, fine lines and the hollowness within a short span of time. The skin appears fuller and firmer. These treatments are extremely popular as they are safe, effective and fairly inexpensive.

All the above treatments can be administered at various skin clinics or dermatology centers. Critical care must be taken before and after getting the treatment. Always select a Clinic with professional and skilled staff which has an excellent recommendation. Step out with confidence and let your true perfect self shine!

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