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Therefore, black hair can simply have a crimson radiancy once seen in direct daylight, however blond or grey hair can become a superb orange and brown hair can become a deep shade of achromatic. If you're coloring your hair to hide the grey, the grey hairs can pop out a bright, virtually pink orange.

11 steps to find How to use mehndi for hair color


1.Assume your head may be a globe.

You want your hair to be concentrated at the pole. That way, you do not want any pins to stay it in situ.

2.Apply Vaseline to the components of the face that square measure near your hairline.

This will stop them from obtaining henna stains. you'll begin with wet or dry hair, however dry hair is also easier.

3.Put on your gloves and begin applying the henna.

Begin at the highest and take a awfully little partition of your hair.

4.Apply henna simply to the roots and skin nearest to the partition of hair.

Use lots of henna and a thick application.

5.Apply additional henna to the length of the hair.

6.Start with the roots, and apply to the remaining length of hair as you're winding it.

7.Twist the hair section and leave it lying out of the method.

8.Make sure your next partition of hair is that the one nearest to the section your simply did.

9.Understand that the hair can keep in situ while not clips, as a result of you concentrated it at the highest, and alternated the direction or wrapping, for every partition.

Keep doing this, till you have got applied henna to your entire head of hair. (There also are different strategies for applying henna, if your hair is obtaining too untidy. See the information section.)

10.Leave the henna sure 2-4 hours, or longer for a deeper color.

You can leave it in long if you prefer. Wrap your head in plastic wrap or a plastic cap. Then wrap it all with a shower hood to forestall the henna from obtaining anyplace.

11.Rinse out all the henna.

This can be rather onerous to try to to. you must place your head underneath a faucet and begin laundry it with water till it's clear. Use a conditioner with sensible slip to help in removing the henna. Repeat 2-3 times to make sure all the henna is off from your hair. Then apply a moisturizing treatment.

Henna acts sort of a supermolecule treatment therefore your hair are terribly sturdy, however if might feel stiff or dry. that is why you wish a moisturizing treatment to counteract this. Leave the treatment sure a minimum of 10-15 minutes. Then rinse your head once more, apply additional conditioner if required and detangle. you must wait a minimum of three days to use shampoo, because the henna color deepens over now.

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