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Hair coloring is a trend nowadays. We live in an era where looks matter a lot because many people judge you on the basis of your appearance. Most of us consider hair as an important part of our look hence the widespread popularity of coloring them does not come as a surprise. It is a practice in which hair color is used to cover the grays or to look trendy.

It is a unique combination of art and science. It is an art as it requires the creativity of the stylist, who is also the artist, to help you decide which color will look good on you. At the same time, it is also a science because it requires the know-how of the right products as well as applying the colors in order to get the desired results.


A survey indicated that in the United States, around 75% of the women have opted for hair color at least once. Keeping these figures in mind, almost all the salons are now offering a number of services which involve coloring. Let us take a look at some of them which can give you a total overhaul and also keep your hair in the best possible condition.

  • Hair Color Balancing

This service is aimed at providing you with such a coloring option that look impressive and well distributed. It results in a balanced color from the root to the tip. Hair Color Balancing neutralizes all the abrupt and undesirable tones and leaves perfect looking hair that can win hearts. However, you must opt for a consultation in order to get that perfect look which you have in mind.

  • Highlights

For Highlights, it is used but in a totally different way. Basically, they are called streaks of color which can offer a terrific new look. It involves using one or more coloring options to give your look a splash of color. You can choose lighter or darker shades for the streaks according to your tastes and preferences. Also, you can choose the area where you want the streaks.

  • Color Tone/Glossing Treatment

In case you have colored hair and exposed them to sun or chlorine for a long duration, they may get damaged. In this case, a Glossing Treatment can act like a life saver, as it reverses the damage and provides deep conditioning. Thus, returning the missing silkiness and shine while making them a lot smoother and softer than before.

  • Color Cleanse

The Color Cleansing Treatment is used for removing or fixing the unwanted color pigments in your hair. The original color of your hair needs to be removed in order to get the best results and this is exactly where Cleansing Treatment comes into the picture. This treatment can also be used to bring the existing color up to the mark in order to make things better for the next one.

  • Olaplex Treatment

When you frequently subject your hair to chemicals (color, bleach, etc.) and heat, they tend to get damaged. Olaplex Treatment works from the inside and re-strengthens them. This offers you a thicker, stronger, and healthier look & feel as it rebuilds the structure and integrity. Stronger hair, in turn, helps you in retaining your color for a longer time period.

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