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Today, hair extensions have gained wide popularity among the number of people and have indeed a great demand in the market. It in fact gives a reason to celebrate even to those who are not satisfied with their natural hair as it allows them to make their hair long and overwhelming. The fact cannot be denied that virgin hair is highly expensive and appears graceful that is why they became a fashion symbol in and of themselves.

If you are planning to buy it, make sure that you have enough money to spend on it. You must treat it as an investment rather than just buying any item. Just as your natural hair, the said item also needs a proper care if you are really anxious to maintain its graceful appearance and also making its life long.


The main purpose of this article is to provide you the complete details for caring your virgin hair extensions in the most effective way to enhance its life and beauty. You need to be aware of three important phases if you are really anxious to look after your extensions in a proper way. The first phase is pre install, before installing your extensions it is appropriate if you seal your wefts on the both side, which will certainly keep your extensions from shedding. Finding these items is indeed not a difficult task, you can in fact try to spot it even in your local beauty supply shop.

Once you experience your weft sealant has dried thoroughly, you just need to co wash your extensions with a cleansing conditioner. It is advisable to never use shampoo in any condition, as it tends to damage your extensions. Moreover, shampoo has also a great tendency to leave your hair dry and finally it appears dull. So, you are advised to avoid using the same.

The second phase is the actual install. Here, you need to be familiar of the two important facts, first you should never cut your extensions and the second, ignore using glue or bonding as much as possible. In case if you leave your wefts intact if it is sealed, you will see it very little shedding.

Talking about the last phase, it is said to be a fun part. However, you need to know several important facts. Since these are generally not attached to your scalp, they actually don't benefit from the natural oils that your scalp produces. You can use argan oil to moisturize your extensions to make it stay completely soft and shiny.

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