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In other words, you should arm yourself with certain tips and tricks that can help you in taking care of your braiding style. Let's check them as under:

Care before you braid your hair


Before you try out the braiding style including spring twist or spring twist do keep in mind that your hair should remain in a healthy condition. You can do this by simply keeping them in a free state for not less than two weeks before trying out any braiding style. Relaxing it,is very same day when you want to try braids over them can be a bad idea. In case if you see they are very much stressed and weak don't forget to try out the hot oil treatment especially with the help of Vitamin E oil. Once you do that you are free to choose the simple or natural braid styles over them. The human hair extensions have more moisture in them, which is not the case with the synthetic one. So do keep in mind to moisturize it when you wear your synthetic hair.

Care your hair during the hair braiding process

Moisturize them with the help of any good braid oil along with the help of water. This will give you smarter effects. Once you finish doing the braiding style including spring twist or bomb twist, do not just forget to wash your hair properly. One of the right ways of doing so is that you wash them using a good shampoo when you have a shower and keep on doing this one or two times in a weak. Lastly when you go to bed avoid covering your braided hair followed by going to bed. This can prevent the hair fall and help in protecting your hair as well.

Take care of your hair after taking out your braids

Once you have tried out your own braided style it is often recommended to try out not more than 6- 8 weeks. If you fail to do this, you simply can bring in issues including hair loss. Once you remove the braids do keep in mind to wash and condition your hair with hot oil treatment. So in case if you are keen to try out any other braiding style like spring twist hair or Kadi don't forget to take a break of at least one week and then try out the next.

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