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Want to go gray? It's “in.” Yet, it is an important decision. It can completely transform your look. You must know the tricks of going gray gracefully, lest you appear weird, especially if you are young. Remember, gray locks require you to make a 360-degree change in appearance. So, you need to change your lipstick and eye shadow shades and choose suitable colors in clothes to create an appealing overall look. color must complement your complexion, not make you appear paler or older.

Complete Overhaul According to stylists, colors that complement a color mane should be purer and more down to earth. Greens and sapphire blues are good choices. Jewel tones look great too.


Before you decide to go gray, experts warn about extra care and maintenance of such hair. Gray hair tends to be coarser and drier. This shade looks duller than other hair shades. So, you need to use an exclusive range of hair products for such hair. You must change your shampoo, conditioner, and even styling products to be suited for gray and white tones. This will keep your mane lustrous and moisturized.

According to reviews, white hair tends to go brassy easily. Formulas with a tinge of violet in them tend to neutralize yellow tones. The biggest challenge that you may face while going gray gracefully is maintaining smoothness and shine of your tresses.

Can Gray Hair Be Attractive? Of course! Otherwise why has it stolen the limelight at fashion shows? The fundamental idea of fashion is that the wearer must be confident. If you are, then you can carry yourself with charm and make any fashion look attractive.

A recent survey says that an increasing number of elderly women prefer to stay color instead of painting their tresses to hide their gray strands. This is a healthier trend, say experts, just like people are turning to healthy, festive cocktails. Coloring hair that has decided to shed its natural color and turn color is a task. This is because it requires several sittings to get that color right. It requires touch-ups and a lot of time to sustain your colored locks.

A research reveals that women who are obsessed with their hair color spend more time coloring and maintaining their hair than having sex.

Now, the same gray tone, which nature decided to give you after a certain age, is a hot color on the runways. The salt-and-pepper look is hot. You can also choose to have highlights. They sparkle teasingly on your mane. It is important to have healthy and shiny hair to go gray in a graceful manner.

This festive season, don a different look. Combine it with healthy, festive cocktails. Bring out the hidden side of your personality, but remember, you cannot simply visit a salon, shade your hair color and come out. You need to undergo a complete overhaul of your makeup and clothes.

Please let a professional stylist handle your tresses. You have choices. You can choose undertones, gray highlights, and varying shades of gray-well, not fifty, but a few! You must choose a tone that complements your skin tone.

So, are you ready to rock the world with your shade of gray?

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