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A change in hair style can significantly transform your appearance. Unfortunately, it's not easy to figure out which hairstyle would suit your features. A cut that looks great on your favorite actor or celebrity might not be as flattering on you. That doesn't mean that you can't have a trendy hair style, it just means that you need to tailor the style to suit your face and features.

Fortunately, you don't have to decide on your own. You can easily ask any Hairdressing professional for help. We'll look at the shape of your face, study your features and colors, and recommend the right look for you. We keep an eye on the latest styles and techniques and can give you a whole new trendy look. Let's talk about some hairdressing trends that we believe would be ideal for spring/summer.


The Bob

We don't really know who coined this word, but it's rather fitting. The wavy bob has been a popular trend for several months now and it's not going away anytime soon. The straight, asymmetrical bob can be harsh and is generally a difficult style to carry. It's also a very high-maintenance style.

The bob, on the other hand, is flattering on almost every kind of face. It softens your features but still retains the cool, hip vibe of the straight bob. This short, low-maintenance hair style is definitely a great choice for spring and summer.

Long Wavy Hair

If you've stayed home during the winters and haven't gotten a haircut in a while, we recommend that you maintain the length. Just go to any professional hair salon and they will style and shape it. The long hair with natural waves is going to be the next in-thing.

We've already seen some celebrities growing out their hair or adding hair extensions. Professional hair stylist will also recommend great ways to maintain natural looking waves in your hair. You get volume and length. If you have length, you can play around a little bit or try several hairstyles.

The Choppy Bob

This is Adele's new cut, the choppy bob that somehow looks extremely classy on her, but everything looks classy on Adele. The choppy bob is the new in-thing and is certainly garnering considerable amounts of attention. It's a very low maintenance hairstyle and is almost universally appealing.

You can also control the length of the bob to make it suit your features. For example, Emma Watson wears a choppy, A-Line bob with waves. The style is versatile and easy to maintain and we would definitely recommend it to almost all clients.

The Icy Blond

Icy, almost silvery-white blond is an emerging trend. This color is very pale that it almost looks white, but it has some warmth to it. Both men and women are adopting this color with great results. However, this isn't a shade that would flatter everyone. We recommend that you consult with a hairdressing expert before you try this color.

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