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Hair extensions!? What on earth are those? This is the reaction of so many people yet the popularity of hair extensions is only becoming stronger and stronger especially among women. Not to mention the large percentage of men who use hair extensions.

Here are some of the reasons why women resort to these extensions


  • A bad haircut or instantly regretting a short hairstyle. Or sometimes the hair just doesn't grow beyond a certain length; hair extension help achieve desired length
  • Thinning hair can be made to look thicker and lengthier
  • Not wanting to streak or dye natural fleece
  • Getting different texture looks for occasions and events and not having time to get the fleece styled
  • Giving natural hair a 'day-off' from wear and tear.

The natural fleece still grows even with the use of these extensions. Real fleece is not damaged by using tape hair extensions and it's still a good alternative to recover from a bad dye or color job or damage to real hair. Besides, hair extensions can boost self-confidence and esteem.

Top hair-care experts and stylists however express that caution should be exercised and some important aspects taken into account when selecting these extensions. A few of these are:

  • The material – natural human hair or synthetics
  • The process – application and removal of extensions
  • Choice of weights – range and variety

The Thermo Plastique method of these extensions is relatively very popular and recommended by many because it is a gentle process that does not cause fleece damage unlike glue, sewing of tracks and metal clips. Achieving a natural look is essential and while there are plenty of synthetic types to choose from, natural human hair is more viable. In addition, styling options for synthetic hair are limited – e.g. heating, blow drying, curling etc.

Individual fleece strands provide a more natural and customized look and allow plenty of leeway with length. The most important aspect while choosing these extensions is to avoid pieces that are heavier than one's own natural hair. Heavy extensions cause damage and split ends. Extensions that don't match the individual's natural fleece will very soon cause problems; choosing methods and types that offer a wide variety of thicknesses and weights to match and those that last up to several months and can be reapplied also matter a great deal. This is because cumulative costs of application and removal are decreased considerably. It is one of the important

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