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Hair is known to be the best accessory of a woman. Beautiful Hair adds tremendously to your beauty and personality and so it is vital to have good hair. Frizzy and curly hair is very common in ladies and this leads to a spirit dampening many a times due to inability to control the hair. You need to go that extra edge in order to combat that frizzy hair. There are many natural remedies that are economical for you too in order to control frizzy hair as well as these days; the market is oozing with products that give you a relief out of the frizz.

The natural ways to control frizz are tedious and gradual results are seen but they are worth it. In the roots of your hairs, there are individually joined formations that form a large curl clump near the scalp area. In order to remove the frizz, you can slip your finger from the opening and slide down till the end and gently separate them. This divided a clump into two. This can be repeated if the formations turn up again. This process can expand your curls and you can get instant volume of hair along with frizz free hair.

Oiling is another traditional way of controlling those wild tresses. If you have thin locks, you can opt for a cream or lotion containing lesser frizz fighter. Washing dries out the natural oils from your hair and causes frizz so it is recommended to not wash it every day. After washing when you let it dry, it absorbs humidity and causes frizz. So it is advisable to blow dry your hair faster. A souped-up blow dryer reduces frizz by compressing the cuticle, which locks out puff-inducing moisture. A Heat protecting anti frizz spray before blow drying or styling can make the it look anti frizz and smooth. Towel drying is strictly not recommended as it rough's up the cuticle and makes it frizzy. Instead, you can opt for a super absorbent micro fiber towel to gently press the water out. Applying anti frizz Silicone Serum makes each strand cuticle smooth. The proper way to apply it is distributing the serum with a wide-tooth comb and then letting it dry or styling it with a blow-dryer.

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