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Firstly I would like to introduce “Folihair” the top most leading brand in Beauty products. We provide various kinds of Hair extensions and Hair Accessories with Premium quality worldwide. As our Hair extensions are made up of 100% Real Human hair so they look same as your Real hairs, Hollywood Celebrities such as, Kate, Jessica Simpson, Victoria Beckham and numerous others regularly amaze the world with new hairstyles and hair lengths now the question is how they do it? This magic is made viable with the help of Folihair extensions, Different textures length and color available with us, whether it will be your birthday or wedding or any another occasion, FOLIHAIR is the key of your Beauty.

Changing color of our hairs, style and even the length over the course of just a couple days is our need today but will it harm us? The Answer is “No” As we provide the Best quality hair extensions all over the world so you do not need to worry These Hair extensions will help to add volume, length, texture and chemical-free color to any style. You can customize your application to meet all your expected needs!!


Types of hair style

The Good News is You will be getting all type of hair extension like Clip in, Micro loop, Fusion, Tape in Extensions hair extensions at FOLIHAIR in very low rates and that including maintenance in every 4-6 weeks, you don't need to make any investment of time, also there is no need of hair designer to apply hair extensions as these hair extensions are easy to apply you yourself can do it within minutes, these HAIR EXTENSIONS will be treated as your Real hairs no extra efforts Required moreover no special shampoo or conditioner required for them, ” it's a more precise way to get the desired look.”

Clip in

Clip-ins can be frayed all day and all night; however, they must be removed before sleeping. Some people wear clip-ins just for their life, while others take them every day to their all tasks. This shows the capable of this type of folihair extension.

Micro loop

The micro loops are designed to be small so that they are not be shown in day to day use. The micro loop hair extension does not move away from the scalp. As they do not use heat or sealer, these hair extensions cause less Harm than some other types.


The fusion method deal in one of the most perfect and most natural-looking extensions in the market, these extensions are attached and remains for long.

Tape in

We don't have to style them every single day, which was to be expected. You can curl them, they looked lovely. The curls will not drop for hours. They are long lasting and natural looking hair extensions.

Folihair extensions are the best way to get that gorgeous look, Most hair products can be treated as real hair, Since human folihair extensions are usually heavily organize to achieve uniform color and texture, a mild shampoo is recommended, along with a light conditioner to reduce tangling.

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