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Hair extension is quite famous these days but if we see the ancient civilizations, we can easily trace its origin. Mainly extensions are use to increase the beauty of the women. The old civilization they have the tradition of having long & keeping a long need attention in terms of hygiene & health care. But now the trend has changed & as the world moved to the industrialization. Labor is brought in from different regions & their hairs are shaved to keep a sign of identity & discipline. But now the women of different regions prefer to have short hair, because they are quite aware of the fact that this is the era of Extensions/Wigs. They have a variety of products available in this category. China is considered to be a market leader in Brazilian Virgin Hair. Women usually use these products to lengthen their hair get additional volume. At the same time they have the option to dye them according to the event or their use. These products are available in different textures like Curly, Straight, Deep Wave & Body Wave. The selection of these textures is solely based on the choice & selection of the user.


When we talk about wigs/extensions the first thing which comes in our mind is the beauty. Personality of a person can be defined by the way they keep themselves; same is the case with the hair. increase the features of people from different origin & the interesting fact is that people of every region has a different hairstyle & texture. If we talk about the source of the virgin hair, India is one of the biggest source of raw virgin hair supplier. They export it to different countries & especially to China which then cleans them & ensure the health & safety standards to meet the requirement of the International markets. They are then converted into finished products & export to different regions of the world. By seeing the demand of the product, this industry is bringing new ideas of innovation to meet the demand of the consumers all around the globe & this is one of the reason that this industry is booming. Virgin extension are natural human hairs they are not made with artificial material, they can easily be dyed & to get their original color back one has to simply wash them & get their original color back.

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