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Workout is excellent for women and despite the odor and dripping sweat; you should not stop working out. But many a times, women complain about breaking, tangled and damaged hair due to work outs. Some even say they care about their hair after every workout, yet they have issues.

Well, here are some tips for those women and for you if you too are having trouble manageing your strands after intense workouts.


Hair ties – get the right one

Hair ties are used to tie hair so they don't interrupt the exercises. But women will often wear the first tie or holder they find. The market is full of headbands, ponytail holders and ties that are specifically tailored for working women (and men with long strands). The material, with which they are made, makes sure your head stays as dry as possible.

Don't tie them up in the same place

When women keep tying their hair in the same place, they eventually cause their strands to weaken. Instead, switching between up and down, left and right can prevent the strands from weakening and save them from breaking. Hairdos to alternate between workouts include fish braids, high and low ponytails.

Water alone does not wipe off the sweat and oil

Women often say they pour water over their head after workouts, yet have hair issues. Some say even using a conditioner after wetting the scalp doesn't help. It's hardly surprising because by wetting the hair and using conditioner after workout will spread the sweat across the strands which will only dry, oxidize and damage them. Sweaty hair plus conditioner equals breakage. So either wait for the sweat to dry up, them clean the hair, or use a shampoo. Don't use dry shampoo unless your strands and scalp are completely dried up because dry shampoo contains high alcohol content which will dry them even more.

If you are using a regular, non-dry shampoo, make sure it doesn't have harmful chemicals that damage the strands and the follicles.

Brushing helps distribute the natural oils

Hair strands can derive nourishment from natural oils that our scalp and hair produce. Unfortunately, the oil won't make it across the strand if the hair are untangled and fussy. So you need to brush your hair after every workout, even if you are thinking of skipping the bath because of tiredness.

Use UV protection

If you are playing soccer, running, or taking part in an outdoor sport where sun directly shines above your head, you need to wear UV protection.

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